Digital innovation

Make your business more digital and follow the future of technology. AdMeNow devices are desktop powerbanks with built-in advertising tablets which can provide:


Mobile phone charging

Your customers charge their devices effortlessly as they enjoy their coffee, drink, or food!

Advertising services

AdMeNow advertises directly and effectively any business in digital and real world, simultaneously!

Case study of 100 devices

for 1st publishment of your ad
Conversion rate
daily shows
potential customers

Advertised businesses

Your business is shown at least 18.000 times per day in 100 different places!


Thousands of interactive ads

Customers see your ads every 4 minutes, which corresponds to at least 15 times in an hour!


Increasing your new and returning customers through a new way of advertising, means more revenue, too!

``Repetition is the source of understanding`` (Ancient greek quote)


“Repetition is the source of learning!”
Repeating your ads makes easier to convince your customers about the products or the services you offer.

Advantages against competition


Innovation, even in advertisements, has always been a competitive advantage. Admenow offers you a various innovative marketing services that others just do not have!

Keep calm and be famous


Up to 2.000 viewers per day!

Think green!


Printing is Environmentally and economically unbearable. Sure, you’ve also thrown a lot of flyers that you are not interested on it.

AdMeNow VS other media

Why AdMeNow benefits from other media

  • Radio:

It’s a traditional way of ads which cost you at least 0,05 € to 0,20 € per second and there is no visual content of your business.

  • Internet:

Millions of  web site ads has tired enough users and install AdBlocks to their devices.

  • TV:

The cost of TV ads is excessive for a small and medium-sized business.

  • Printing material:

The cost of printing is both financially and enviromentally big enough.

Additional services



QR-Now can show you how many customers were interested in your ad by the number of scans. QR codes can leads the viewers to your site, trip advisor, phone, geo-location ,Facebook page etc.

  • Coupons

Customers are satisfied from mobile phone charging but are more happy by receiving discount coupons for the next time to your business through registering their information.

Woman writing and planning business strategy

Having AdMeNow devices

The benefits of the enterprise that acquires AdMeNow devices are multiple:


Customers see your recommended cocktail, sweets, dishes,menu, offers of your store and whatever else you like, at least 15 times per hour!

Digital Catalogs

Now, you have your own digital catalogs on every table that has the AdMeNow device!

New digital interior decorations

Your business can follow the future of digital interior design that will impress your customers!

A totally customized solution for....

Coffe shops


Clubs & pubs



Beauty Salons

AdMeNow charging points

A powerful table assistance

with real time advertisements!



“The AdMeNow stand might have been my favorite over the whole day…

Now whatever you think of mass advertising in today’s world, you have to admit this is a clever idea.”


Sam Cater- British Telecom, Security Innovation Manager


Top 36 at Startup World Cup 2019
San Francisco, USA


Top 20 UK student start-ups 2018

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Our team

” We believe that the key characteristic of our team is the combination of experience and passion to create tech solutions which solve real life problems of people and businesses challenged within their own local markets. “


Grigoris Katsavos

CEO and Founder

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CTO and Co-Founder

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